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Radio frequency Carosino



Thanks to the latest generation equipment we can perform specific techniques and procedures, such as radio frequency in Carosino. Radio frequency is used both for the body and the face to solve wrinkles, atonies, acne, stretch marks or skin relaxation problems. This technique reduces traces and signs of time. A
non-surgical, non-invasive and painless lifting that contrasts signs of skin aging. The controlled and localized heat transmitted by aesthetic radio frequency stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, cells that produce new collagen; the treated skin appears more relaxed and tonified. It can be performed on various body areas, and can be used to model and tone the silhouette.

Radiofrequenza Taranto


Radiofrequency is a great resource for both our customers and our qualified aesthetic professionals. Requests for skin rejuvenation treatments are growing in a vertiginously and in stunning way. This non-invasive method aims at obtaining a skin rejuvenation of various areas of the body: face, neck, abdomen, décolleté. Radiofrequency guarantees excellent results also in tissue toning, in reducing areas affected by cellulite and in wrinkle treatment. Radiofrequency has more effects on soft tissues such as muscles, vascular system and lymphatic system. The duration of treatments and procedures depends on the areas to be treated and the type of tool used. Capacity energy radiofrequency takes advantage of the condenser effect. This type of radiofrequency brings therapeutic effects to damaged tissues. Come and see us and we will take care of you. For a toned skin, young, tonified and bright skin rejuvenation!


The results, benefits and effects of radio frequency are evident and visible from the first sessions. The progress made during the treatment is stable and lasting over time. The skin regains its tonicity and vigor, both in the surface and in the deepest areas, the anti-inflammatory and body repairing mechanisms re-activating. All this is because radiofrequency starts in the treatment zone an homogeneous hyperemia on all the different levels of the area. Come to us, we will find together the best solution for you and the number of sessions you need.