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Produced by Renlive, Liposnell provides a great body modeling effect. Our aesthetic center, through the Liposnell system, performs intensive, draining, slimming and detoxifying treatments. With this particular treatment it is possible to counteract the blemishes due to water retention and to attack cellulite. This is an effective tool that combats edema cellulite with extreme success and represents a guarantee of compactness, tonicity, cellulite reduction, targeted and localized weight loss.
Liposnell Taranto


Liposnell is a revolutionary product that joints draining treatment and slimming treatment.
Draining Treatment: Cellulite is a beauty problem that involves the adipose, connective and circulatory system. It manifests itself with the anti-aesthetic orange-peel skin. Lipodren is a product that counteract all the symptoms of cellulite, shaping your body, with visible results from the first sessions. This system allows you to lose a size and significantly reduce the blemishes of cellulite, as it produces a cosmetic liposculpture that reduces the circumference. Thanks to the high presence of natural products that work together, you can give yourself beauty and well-being, a small circumference, toned skin and a young, well-shaped silhouette.
Slimming Treatment: Localized fat is a phenomenon for which fat deposits in particular areas of the body causing blemishes, such as the cheval culotte. Thanks to Liposnell it is possible to have a localized slimming: the circumferences will be reduced and the skin more toned and smooth, the result will be a thinner silhouette. Hurry up, come to try this innovative treatment.



Liposnell is a draining treatment that defies the blemishes caused by the adipose tissue and the characteristic orange-peel skin. This treatment is fundamental to counteract such blemishes. The active ingredients, together with a technological system that allows them to absorb, gives good visible results in the long run. The effects of such treatment are, in fact, lasting over time and, above all, clearly visible. Thanks to the absorption of excess liquid and toxins, the reducing effect on the water retention phenomenon is enhanced.