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Laser Diode 808 Carosino



Our business offer is wide and articulated. Among the many specialized treatments we propose there is the Diode 808 laser, which represents the new trend in the field of permanent progressive epilation made by laser technology. The treatment with the Diode 808 laser ensures quickly, safe and effective epilation, with excellent results. You will get rid of unwanted hair, leaving your skin smooth and velvety, ready to be pampered.
Laser Diodo 808 Taranto


The laser generates a ray of a specific wavelength (808 nm) capable of crossing the skin and being absorbed by hair pigments. Laser light destroys the hair by acting from the bulb and causing its loss. The treatment is absolutely painless so it can also be used on the more sensitive and delicate areas of the body such as the face. The assisted removing hair allows permanent depilation on large areas of the body, through selective photothermolysis, without leaving marks or scars.
The machine available has a freeze contact or a mechanism through which the contact temperature can be lowered to 0 ° in order to protect the areas of the treated body. The color touch screen also allows easy and intuitive use of the machine. Diode laser 808 emits a precise frequency for melanin chromophore for a precise result. Rely on us, we use the latest generation machinery.



The laser can be used on all skin types from light to very dark. We offer customized sessions depending on the area to be treated. Each session lasts from 5 to 30 minutes and it is advisable to have a session every 30/60 days. To permanently eliminate hair regrowth you need from 6 to 10 sessions. Contact us and book your final hair removal session.