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Our Beauty center in Carosino deals with facial cleansing, waxing, draining massages, lymphatic massages, anti-cellulite massages, sports massages and anti-stress massages. We are specialized in microblading, a semi-permanent tattoo that reproduce the shape of the hair to thicken your eyebrows and define your look. We perform manicures and pedicures, both for aesthetic and for therapeutic purposes, and apply semi-permanent nail polish. We also deal with vitamin and strenghtening treatments for the nail care.
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We provides professional aesthetic treatments on your face and body to eliminate any skin blemish. We makeup for brides, for special events both day and evening with the professional Pascal line. Come and visit us: our professionals will make a personal makeup for you, enhancing your features reducing any little flaws. Your face will acquire exclusivity, originality, uniqueness and refinement.
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We have advanced and state-of-the-art technology thanks to which we are able to deliver a wide range of specific treatments, including Laser Diode 808, Radio Frequency, Pressotherapy. The Laser Diode 808 represents the new frontier of definitive epilation as it destroys the hair bulbs and stops hair regrowth. Radiofrequency acts on muscles, vascular and lymphatic system, toning skin tissues. We also do facial treatments with radio frequency to eliminate the blemishes and relaxation of the skin due to the aging. We use a pressotherapy machine that simulates a lymphatic massage and shape your silhouette.
Sali e lozione


Thanks to the Liposnell system you will lose a size in three weeks. We have 2 Liposnell systems: a draining and slimming one and the other shaping and toning. We also use a special device, the Dermajet Device, which, thanks to the action of a roller with micro needles, allows specific products to penetrate your skin, with immediate and clear result of regeneration. We also make cold dressings to shape the body. Contact us now to book an appointment with our beauty consultants.


The new Laser Diode 808 technology enables permanent depilation through the principle of selective photothermolysis. It works on the whole body, ensuring safe and effective results, as it is able to emit beams of light at a fixed wavelength of 808 nm.
The heat releases by the machine together with the effectiveness of the product used stimulates the collagen producing cells. This way the skin becomes more compact after treatment. Radio frequency applied to large areas of the body tones and shapes the silhouette.
It is a draining treatment that overwhelms the blemishes caused by the adipose tissue that manifests itself with the characteristic orange peel skin. The active ingredients blended with a technological system, which allows it to absorb, gives good visible results in the long term.
It is an improved version of permanent make-up, where thin needles soaked of colored pigments draws a single hair at a time, so as to draw the eyebrow more accurately than with tattoo.


Microblading is an eyebrow reconstruction technique that defines its shape and exalts its look.